Evaporating Spoons

Hi guys, I haven’t written a post for a few days because I have been using all my ‘spare’ (lololol) spoons to deal with joiners, plumbers and washing machine engineers!

As I’ve mentioned before I average out at about 14 or 15 spoons on an ok day and it takes roughly 10 spoons to complete my baseline of tasks. I usually try not to spend all my spoons because (and I’m going to mix my metaphors here) draining the battery completely can be risky for a mini crash the following day, but this week I’ve had no choice and I’m kind of waiting for the payback.

When something goes wrong at home, and there are changes to my routine or extra people to interact with, my energy (spoons) can evaporate so quickly. Don’t get me wrong, all of the chaps have been friendly, helpful and great at their jobs but just getting through them being here and the noise and disruption and the stupid pressure I put on myself to be ‘normal’ around strangers has left me totally knackered.

I wanted to do this quick post to share that something as normal as dealing with a broken washing machine can be a challenge for someone with M.E. As I’ve said before, it’s the banality of the disease – I bet you don’t really think twice when dealing with basic household maintenance right? But for me….it’s the energy equivalent of suddenly project managing a massive restoration a là Grand Designs. Ha!

Any questions or suggestions for a topic next week would be super welcome as I’m currently just writing about things as they occur to me but I should probably plan ahead at some point.

Speak soon, Jo x


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