Ropey Hormones

Hi guys

Am feeling pretty ropey today. Hormones. See previous post about said hormones. Although I’ve got lots I’d like to speak about, I’m going to keep it short, not least because yesterday’s very long piece took quite a bit out of me.

Next weekend is Mr M.E’s birthday and he is a big fan of Stewart Lee, as am I. I was lucky enough earlier in the year to see that he is playing in Edinburgh tomorrow night and I managed to purchase some tickets before they sold out (restricted view though) for Mr M.E’s birthday gift. In short, I’m going out tomorrow night.

Now it should be relatively ok because it’ll be dark and there shouldn’t be too much hubbub but nonetheless I need to rest up beforehand to make sure I don’t feel too bad when we go. Today and tomorrow I’m going to do almost nothing if I can help it because I’ll use about 5 or 6 spoons to get ready and another 5 or 6 to actually go out. It will be challenge but I also know I will laugh a lot and that’s always worth it.

So I guess I’m saying cheerio for a few days because I don’t know how I’ll be after. But listen, just because I’m not here posting, it doesn’t mean you guys can’t talk to each other or post for support or whatever. It may be my blog but the wider purpose was always to let people feel they are not alone and to help other people understand, so you know, write something!

Luv ya!



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