Mr M.E. – My CFS Rock

I’ve finally got a few more spoons to spend today, maybe around 10 but I am under strict instructions from my ever patient and loving hubby not to spend them! To build back up to my average of around 15 spoons before my trip is taking the willpower of a blummin saint! This resting when you’ve got a bit more energy is driving me potty bananas. So bored…. rrraaaaaargh!

Mr M.E. asked me this morning, without even a hint of concern, if I thought that the way I write about his comments sometimes might give the impression that he is bored or callous. I didn’t write it that way in my head or my heart but now I’m worried that he may have a point? That others may not appreciate our mutual gently chiding humour.

Now I’m kind of gutted because he is the most amazing, supportive, gentle and sensitive soul! I would hate to think that anyone might misinterpret what I have written.

I love him madly and am eternally grateful to be able to call myself his Mrs. He never ever complains about my M.E. or my lost income and the additional burden it puts on him, especially with my imprudent spending habits. He never complains about how much I have to sleep or the lost life/hobbies we had together.

By the force of his will, he has kept me alive and sometimes he says the most beautiful loving things to me in a way that let’s me know I have never been more loved.

I hate saying cheerio every morning. I’m always trying to blag him to take a cheeky extra holiday or work from home and I genuinely look forward to the time he does come home at night. So much so that I check up on where he is on the tracking app we both have installed.

We live in each others pockets and I love it that way. I will miss him when I’m away visiting my family, even though I know logically that we have our whole lives together.

Please set my mind at rest that I haven’t given you guys any other impression, please help me make him feel appreciated for all that he does and actually more importantly, what he does not do. My Mr M.E. is not a faceless set of quirky comments, he is my best friend, my comedy partner, my political debating ally, the smartest and most humble guy in the room, the love of my life and my sometimes carer, he is…

Mr David Bruce.


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