The Recruiters

Every now and again I get a call from a recruiter asking if I’m available for contract work in my specialty (CASS analysis/management). Today I got a call from Badenoch & Clark about such a role.

I miss my work a lot and I was pretty good at it. To be honest I miss the financial freedom. The post I was asked about today would probably have paid up to 50 grand for 12 months work but I couldn’t even consider it.

Until industry, particularly financial services, becomes more disability aware and more amenable to disabled people working from home and part time/job sharing then people like me are stuck at home on benefits, saddled with debt and trapped.

The next time there is a debate in this country about disability benefits ask the negative nancy who thinks we are all work shy layabouts “who would seriously leave behind a 40/50k plus benes career to subsist on £70 a week?”

I think we all know the answer to that one.

Feeling pleased that they thought of me but sad and frustrated that I can’t even consider it in the current climate.


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