Hi Team

Well I’ve gotten up this morning, the first time since Monday that I’ve been up before 10. And I have around ten spoons too. I am tired as ever but apart from some bodily discomfort, no other major symptoms yet.

I have a choice to make today. Either I spend the approx 1.5 hours energy that I have above my baseline activities to write a blog post for here or I drag myself into town to attend the Millions Missing event for International M.E Awareness day at the Scottish Parliament.

I really want to go to the latter but I also know I can’t do the travel and the whole two hours without feeling rough later. So maybe I could go for just an hour? The one good thing is that Mr M.E works practically next door so if I’m struggling I know I can call him but I’ve never attended a protest in my life and I’m kind of nervous about it. I won’t know anyone. Will I be able to sit down (cos I defo can’t stand up for a whole hour). Will anyone be aggro? Etc

I think I should be brave for all of us and not worry about the consequences and send you guys a pic and report back – what do you think?


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