A New Friend

Hi guys

We’ve got a new friend! Anthony is sharing his story and maybe his journey is more relatable for some of you than my pieces. You know I’m a big fan of spreading the word any which way we can so please give Anthony some support and check out his blog… he says

“For 5 years now I have had M.E and 1 year since I was diagnosed. I have tried various different things and none seem to help. So am now trying to express myself. I am ex military northern guy. I don’t talk about feelings. It’s not me. I have done the counselling route and it helped a bit but did not seem comfortable to me. I have decided to start a blog. Even if no one reads it, I have expressed how I feel and hopefully eleaviated some of the crap I have to bare. This is my blog. If you fancy a read please do. I am only just starting but I am in the throngs of a major relapse and will be updating more and more over the next few weeks. Do any of you also blog about M.E and You? Be good to read how you guys are doing with it”

Nope, Myalgic Encephalomyelitis. M.E or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) to you and me. Let’s come back to that later. For now why a blog?


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