I can’t even get my head around how awful this is. I am so deeply upset by this. Apart from the superficial issue, the problem is that the UK medical community, especially the shrinks, persist in going against the NICE and WHO guidelines AND they are being listened to by NHS trusts.

This shit has traction.

We can’t trust our doctors, we can’t talk to them, we aren’t being treated…

Will the discrimination ever end?! It makes me want to give up sometimes….as the whole world is moving forward, we seem to being treated worse than ever…

Action for M.E.

A paediatrics conference hosted today by Royal Devon and Exeter NHS Foundation Trust has been given the title “A Day with the MUPP(ET)S – Medically Unexplained Physical, Psychological Symptoms.”

We find it insensitive, offensive and completely unacceptable that children affected by conditions including M.E. be referred to in this way. We are contacting the Trust this morning to highlight our concerns, and to offer to work with the team there to support them to better understand M.E. and its impact. It is clear that M.E. should not be categorised as “medically unexplained symptoms” and that doing so contradicts the World Health Organisation’s International Classification of Diseases, which states that M.E. is a neurological condition.

UPDATE: we have shared a copy of our email to the Trust at…/paediatric-conference-today-sharin…

SECOND UPDATE: The conference organisers have issued a statement apologising for the title they used. You can read it at


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