Questions, Questions, Questions

My lovely cousin Lance asked the other day about what causes M.E. and I briefly referenced some of the research. This article is a bit dry in places but it contains a good synopsis of most of the main pieces of research recently.

My other favourite piece was about the state of Dauer (German for persistence and scientific description of a type of hibernation in nematodes) that shares metabolic signatures similar to CFS/ME that may lead to a reliable blood test….

So for those that are interested in what might be happening in the bodies of CFS/ME patients, these are a good start.

Speak soon
Jo xxx

The last of three blogs on The Solve ME/CFS Initiative…

The journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, the researchers said that dauer “permits survival and persistence under conditions of environmental stress, but at the cost of severely curtailed function and quality of life”.


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