Things to Remember

Things to remember when things aren’t going so great.
1 – This too shall pass. Sometimes it takes longer than others but hey its only 9a.m. and I’m up so it’s a start.
2 – There are people who love me. I don’t really know why but they do so just take it and hold on to it.

Point in case; on our anniversary Mr M.E. gave me the best card I’ve ever had, which read thusly and is perfect for M.E. survivors….

We may no longer spend our days
Just snuggling in bed
Now our ‘lazy’ Saturdays
Are filled with chores instead

We may no longer have the urge
to go and play all night
Now staying up til ten pm
Is barely worth the fight

We may not always do the things
That we once used to do
But I wouldn’t trade one moment
Of the life I have with you.

Just another example of how amazing he is and how he deserves all the good things.

Oh dang it! Now I’m crying and it’s not even half 9.


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