Just How I’m Feeling Today

It takes a lot of strength


It’s Nearly Christmas


Dear Friends

Many apologies for my long absence. It’s been about two months now, since I’ve written a proper piece… and I’m afraid this isn’t going to be it either.

I’m not abandoning the blog, although it may feel that way to some of you. I have plenty still to write about, it’s just been a very challenging time in terms of managing my energy and pacing.

I want to laugh really because I’m so terrible at pacing! My energy is such that every small task seems to need to be paced.

Anyway, the point today is to say that I’ve had to prioritise energy management in the hopes of stopping these crazy swings of a couple of productive days, followed by a couple of days in bed.

I will be back, when I can, if I can just get over this bacterial chest infection and Christmas (which I love love love, but is hard work!).

Speak to you all soon my lovelies and if I don’t say so before hand, have an amazing Christmas with your families, surrounded by love and all the good things.


A Lady In Pain

Action for M.E. have published another good story today, I relate to it in many ways and it brought a tear to my eye, although I think she’s much worse off than me. Teaches me to be grateful for what I have. Here’s the link.

Woman and baby

Action for M.E.

“Fatigue and widespread pain are my worst problems. I’m in a wheelchair, bed-bound for days at a time and in pain 24 hours a day. It means I can’t leave the hou

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Empty Shoes

Action for M.E. have put up a pretty powerful video today. Here’s the link so you can watch it and share it. I’ve shared it to my Facebook page too, if you’re struggling to access it. It got a few heartfelt reactions from my peeps.

What does M.E. feel like? See people affected by the illness talk about their personal experiences in this awareness-raising film created as part our Big Give Christmas Challenge 2017.

Another Post About Unrest

There’s another good write up on Unrest today. I’m in shock tbh; it’s not like the BBC to write a fair piece about CFS/M.E…… Oh that’s because they have a freelance reporter, Natasha who wrote the story also has M.E. and POTs.
I wanted to share this direct from the ME Associations page as that’s where I saw it and they have a nice bit of blurb from Natasha herself but my phone didn’t give me the option. X 

Jen, Omar and reporter with ME
Jennifer Brea has ME, and says her ‘battery’ is only ever 40% full.

I Love Laura’s Pen

Laura’s Pen, another blogger and sufferer like me, shared a great article from the Huffington Post today. It’s discussing the issues around the UK medical establishment, particularly in the world of shrinkage, finally stopping their denial of M.E. as a complex multi system neuro immune disorder. It’s a tough read and it’s hard not to feel that sinking anger/despair but hopefully, one day, in my lifetime, it might happen.

Laura's Pen

Will the UK Establishment finally stop denying the reality of ME? From the @huffpost


Jennifer Brea’s powerful film Unrest exposes the reality of Myalgic Encephalopathy or ME. This condition leaves people utterly exhausted, or as…